Why Cosmic NFTs Are So Valuable?

NFT applications have been thriving thanks to the popularity of the metaverse concept. The exploration of NFT applications in games, art, hype toys, and finance, have been carried out in both the crypto and the mainstream technology industries. Moreover, other industries have also been shaped by this exploration in unexpected ways at an unprecedented pace, giving birth to new ways of applying NFTs, with an increasing number of application explorers.

Cosmic is also in the NFT exploration list. It hopes to combine NFTs with games to develop new gameplays based on unique ideas, so as to be a strong player in the exploration.

Cosmic NFTs Sold out Right after Being Launched

Cosmic NFTs sold out right after being launched on account of their unmatched popularity in the crypto industry, which showed people’s craze for them.

Why Cosmic NFTs are so well-received? In addition to its huge popularity, the wide application of these NFTs is also an important factor. The NFTs are the gateway to a new crypto world for many.

Compared to NFTs of other projects, those of Cosmic can bring unique benefits in the Cosmic ecosystem to buyers:

· Having a Precious Chance to Be One of the Early Miners

NFT owners can be early miners in Cosmic. It is known to all that the earlier you play a blockchain game, the more you can earn from your investment. These are genesis NFTs of Cosmic, which also naturally can serve as valuable milestones of the development of the Cosmic ecosystem.

Thus, these NFTs are a good choice for both collectors and those who want to be the early-bird players of the game

· The NFT Long-Term Value

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, NFTs in Cosmic can be staked or burned in the future to get the common token MOX in the Cosmic ecosystem.

The NFTs are pegged to MOX supporting unique stake mining, buyback, and burning mechanisms to provide more investment choices for players. Through these mechanisms, the economic value of the NFTs can be increased, expanding players’ earnings in the game.

Besides, in the Cosmic ecosystem, the NFTs can be applied in mining, DeFi, gameplay, and social interactions, generating more value to players as new unique assets in the digital world.

In the future, in addition to being collectibles and an investment choice, they will be shown by their owners who want to be recognized by others. This can create communications based on the NFTs among Cosmic users who can be friends with each other with similar interests, promoting the trading and circulation of the NFTs in the ecosystem.

Owners of the valuable Cosmic NFTs can have a precious chance to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits but can other users still have another chance to get the priceless NFTs?

The NFT Lottery

The reason why the Cosmic NFTs can be an excellent investment choice is their scarcity and financial application. Their value is supported by a free trade market with a treasury buyback mechanism, which can lower investment risks. Therefore, it is fair to say that the earlier you become an NFT owner, the more you can earn in the game.

Currently, the NFTs of Cosmic are minted in two ways, namely through the blind boxes and the NFT lottery with MOX. You can choose to draw one time or ten times at a time in the lottery.

So those who failed to buy the NFT blind boxes can go to the NFT lottery. After all, in the future, the premium of the NFTs will climb up in the NFT market as the game continues to grow. In this sense, obviously, buying the NFTs directly from the market is not the best choice. Players can draw in the lottery, which is a convenient way to get an NFT at a lower cost.

· How to Draw in the NFT Lottery

After the blind box sale, the MOX Liquidity pool will be launched in Cosmic. Users can buy MOX through this pool to draw in the upcoming NFT lottery.

A New GameFi Ecosystem Based on the Cosmic NFTs

The Cosmic NFTs show new possibilities of NFTs being applied in blockchain games as digital assets. Introducing NFTs in the game is a challenging trial. Despite that, the growth potential of the game will be gradually unleashed. At that time, it will be a strong market player allowing its NFTs to be recognized by more mainstream users and developer communities with wider applications. In the end, a new metaverse-oriented ecosystem model will be established driven by the NFT value.




COSMICC is the first blockchain game by NebuDAO. It is designed around NFT cards as its core gameplay. User may discover exciting new ways to play the game.

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COSMICC is the first blockchain game by NebuDAO. It is designed around NFT cards as its core gameplay. User may discover exciting new ways to play the game.

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